Monday, September 17, 2007

Here are a few interesting things I have come across over the past week or so. Two of them are in public beta and the second launched only last month but should be interesting to keep an eye on.
A bookmark aggregation site but instead of using votes to work out importance, it uses share price and stockmarket mechanics. Although in its current state, I don't think it works too well but is still fun.

A simple service that encourages the development of software ideas and concepts. A project is started when a user submits an idea. Then others who want to see it through start pledging money to encourage developers to start work on the project.
(I vaguely recall there were other businesses working on a similar model but I am not too sure.)
A game database combined with a social networking site. Although I haven't spend too much time on it, it does seem very easy to find a wide variety of games.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bah, call *me* a flash in the pan...

How to Make a Marshmallow Gun

The discussion page tells all:
"Marshmellow Guns are so fun! This one works great and its fun when me and my friends shoot marshmellows at eachother and try to catch them in there mouths. Its like a contest!"

In the tips section it mentions that you should "pick up the marshmallows when you're done - they're very likely bad for animals." But I found a zoo that uses it as bait, so that can't be universally bad for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

If it doesn't burn me, it will protect me.

I have recently undertaken an investigation, investigating the investment of interests of the Jewish online video community compared with those of the 'mainstream' online video community!

Results: Jews who participate in online video communities are significantly less geeky and significantly more Jewish.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

from a small carpenter’s workshop to a modern, global enterprise

Headline: Test subject escapes from Lego Labratories.

Monday, August 6, 2007

First post

Statement of Identity!

I am :

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland!

by Lewis Carroll

After stumbling down the wrong turn in life, you've had your mind
opened to a number of strange and curious things. As life grows curiouser and curiouser,
you have to ask yourself what's real and what's the picture of illusion. Little is coming
to your aid in discerning fantasy from fact, but the line between them is so blurry that
it's starting not to matter. Be careful around rabbit holes and those who smile to much,
and just avoid hat shops altogether.

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at the Blue Pyramid.


I'm Cambodia!

Life's been really rough, but it's slowly improving.  You know
way too much about the skeletal structure of humans, mostly from being forced to study
it.  This has given you a fear of many things, most especially the color red.
 The future has to be more promising though, and your greatest adversary can now
never come back to hurt you any more.